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each month
3-5:30 pm.

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coordinated by patrick brennan with Steve Cannon


SUNDAY, June 7
Steve Dalachinsky : The Transformative Quality of Words

previous events:

Lisle Ellis: Formings

SUNDAY, April 5
Sabir Mateen: Freedom thru Written and Unwritten Music

SUNDAY, March 1
Albey Balgochian: Improvisational Narratives

SUNDAY, February 1
Joe Giardullo: G2

SUNDAY, January 4
Rod Williams: Minimal Loop

SUNDAY, December 7, '08
David Pleasant: CLONE Times

SUNDAY, November 2, '08
patrick brennan: sonic transparencies

We are moved by music because musicking creates the public image of our most inwardly desired relationships, not just showing them to us as they might be but actually bringing them into existence for the duration of the performance.

This will clearly involve our deepest feelings, and thus the act of musicking, taking place over a duration of time, teaches us what we really feel about ourselves and about our relationships to other people and to the world in general, helping us to structure those feelings and therefore to explore and evolve our own identity.

Clifford Geertz has said: 'In order to make up our minds we must know what we feel about things; and to know how we feel we need the public images of sentiment that only ritual, myth and art can provide'

And again: 'Human thought is basically both social and public - its natural habitat is the house yard, the marketplace and the town square. Thinking consists not of 'happenings in the mind', (though happenings there and elsewhere are necessary for it to occur) but of a traffic in significant symbols -

- or as Alice might have said, 'How do I know what I feel until I hear what I play?' In musicking, in fact we are being touched in the deepest parts of who we are.

- Christopher Small -- Music of the Common Tongue

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